Saturday, April 02, 2005

Million Dollar Product Creation Secrets just released!

Info Product Secrets

Two top information marketers have just released a FREE PDF revealing a bunch of their information marketing secrets that have made them millions of dollars.

It's a good read and, considering that it doesn't cost you a cent, you'd have to be crazy not to look. Actually, it's a transcript of an exclusive teleconference. I found it fascinating. You can also listen to the audio as a streaming file, if you've got the hour. I downloaded the PDF first and then listened to it, following along in the transcript as it played.

Is there something to learn from them? I think so. Collectively, they've made over $40 million selling info products and if I'm gonna learn from anybody it's gonna be from guys like these who are successful at it.

There's one real gem in this transcript that is going to make me a fortune. I won't spoil it for you by revealing it here. If you don't miss it, you're gonna find that it will change the way you look at information products from now on.