Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Frank Kern Audio and PDF Leaked to Public

Breaking News...
A 20 minute audio and a brand new 17 page pdf
about Niche marketing were leaked to the public
today and you can get them here, FREE:
Underachiever Mastery

Here's what it's about and why you should drop everything
and get it immediately:

There's a big myth that says if you want to
market to niches, you have to sell them ebooks.


My friend, Frank Kern is the world's most
respected expert on selling downloadable info
products to targeted Niche Markets online.

...And I'm sure you've heard about Frank alot

It seems like I'm getting emails about
his upcoming Underachiever Mastery System
almost every 10 minutes and you probably are

(I've personally seen this product and it's
worth every bit of the buzz it's getting
...perhaps even MORE. For a PREVIEW of
what the package looks like, here are some
pictures of what I got:

Anyway - what people don't know about
Frank is that he sells a lot more than
just ebooks to these tiny little markets.

He sells them downloadable videos,
downloadable audios, and other types of
*multimedia* products.

What's great about selling downloadable multimedia
products to small niches is this:

1. They have a much higher perceived value
than ebooks you can charge more for them.

2. They are downloadable just like ebooks ...which
means you have ZERO "hard cost" whenever you sell one.

But perhaps the greatest thing about downloadable multimedia
products is that they're often EASIER TO MAKE than ebooks!

You can get a fully detailed case study that shows
you exactly how Frank Kern got one of his multimedia
products created here:

You get a 20 minute audio walk-through and a
17 page "cheat sheet" guide that takes you
through every step.

Plus, Frank also lets you have a copy of the product he
had created.

And the best part is, it's all FREE :-)

You can get it here:

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti

P.S. I've spoken with Frank and it's true.
There will only be 700 copies of his Underachiever
Mastery System sold

Last time we spoke, Frank and his affiliates had
over 13,800 people in line, waiting for the Underachiever
Mastery System to be released on Sunday, January 30th.

So, if you want a copy, you better order early.

Please consider this:

If just 5.2% of these folks buy, then all 700 copies
will be gone forever.

Frank will NEVER reproduce or sell another copy. Period.So...if you want to beat the crowd, be ready at exactly
9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, January 30th.

When they're gone, they're gone for good.

And, remember, if you order using my affiliate link,
you get over $2,594.00 worth of EXTRA BONUS PRODUCTS.

For more info: