Friday, May 13, 2005

Internet Audiences Growing: How Will You Respond?

Media Migrations

Surveys are finding that audiences are watching less TV and reading less newspapers and magazines. What are they doing instead?

Surveys are also showing a sharp increase in the amount of time audiences are spending on the Internet.

Here's what it means for you. You're getting a bigger share of the market coming to the medium in which you are promoting your wares. That can only be good news...IF you can get in front of that audience.

That's why it's more important than ever to increase the amount of traffic coming to your site.

SEO techniques are important, PPC techniques are important but don't stop there. What about ezines, ecourses, links in ebooks, offline articles, online articles (VERY important), affiliates, joint ventures, publicity, and let's not forget the most overlooked (by entrepreneurs) technique on the net: paid advertising.

I know smart marketers who make 6 and 7 figure incomes without spending a dime on advertising...and I have to laugh. What a false sense of security. Because, if you can make 6-7 figures with no advertising, how much do you think you can make with a well-placed and well-funded paid advertising campaign? I'm not talking about PPC either. Here's why I say this.

Look at the graphs at the bottom of the above site and you'll see that, although, online is the fastest growing medium, stealing the audiences from other media, advertising spending for online is a fraction of the other media, 3.1% vs. 25.3% in newspaper and 14.1% for TV. It means the demand for online advertising is low but the audience is high. And that can mean only one thing: advertising on the net is right now (and probably not for long) a bargain.

Once the big boys - not netpreneurs, I'm talking about Fortune 500s, catch on to this, they will start spending money to capture the market.

Now, if you are a netpreneur you've got some possibilities here.

You can start spending some money for online advertising of your products to supplement what you're doing now and figure out how to get it to work.

Or, you can formulate some exclusive techniques to build niche traffic to your domains so when the advertisers come knocking on your door for ads and/or traffic, you can sell it to them.

Or, you can do both. Or nothing at all.

You decide.

Carl Galletti