Monday, December 27, 2004

How To Transfer Tapes

Chris writes: "You say in your recent blog about : What is podcasting?, 'get the audio cassettes and read them into your computer, you can then convert them into Mp3 and add them to your ipod.' I know you're a writer, not a musician, but what sort of get-up do you have to use to put cassette info or vinyl albums onto a hard drive?"

Since others might also want to know this, I decided to answer it here:

Well, Chris, a really good way to go with that is to use Mike Stewart's kit for transferring tapes to digital. It includes an Edirol USB capture card (it's not really a card) and Sound Forge editing software (which lets you edit what you've got as well as convert it to Mp3). It goes for about $200 and you can get it here: Tape & Vinyl Recording Capture Package.

Mike is a good friend of mine and you can trust him to give you the best A/V solutions for the web. (And no, I don't get a commission on this sale...but you might mention my name when you buy and maybe he'll buy me lunch at the next seminar -- hint, hint).

Most people already have a sound card on their machines and if yours is capable of capture good quality audio and you want to edit the software as well as convert it, you may just need the Sound Forge editing software, which goes for about $79.

If you don't need to edit the recordings, you can get away with a free download of dbPowerAmp which you can get for free at:

Speaking of audio editing software, you might want to also check out Drew Kaplan's Instant WAVE And MP3 Recorder & Editor which sells for under $20 and will do both the editing and converting for you.

Hope that helps all of you.

Carl Galletti

Free Bonus Gifts

Free Bonus Gifts

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My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti