Thursday, July 29, 2004

Become An Instant Programmer

EZ Presentation

If you've ever thought about developing a simple little program but all you know how to do is HTML for a web page, then I have good news for you.

Ron Goodman has come up with a nifty (there's a word you can use to tell my age) little piece of software that lets you write a "real" program even if all you know how to do is write HTML.

Programmers should not go out and protest for fear of losing their jobs. It DOES have limitations. But you can do some pretty neat stuff with it.

For example you can easily build an Autorun CD, presentation or tutorial. You can do a product demo or a software introduction. And I think, if you are a little creative, you can come up with some ideas that look like real programs but are easily done with this package.

And then you can sell them.

The BEST part is: you can get started without paying a dime. Just download the development package and try your hand at it. You can even distribute the first 100 copies of your creation for FREE!!!

Starting at 101 copies you only pay $40 and the top end is only $200 -- that's if you intend to distribute 10,000 copies or more. Pretty reasonable, I'd say.

It's all on the honor system because they don't have any protection mechanism in it (probably not possible anyway). But get this, if you need to use the software without paying for it, Ron just requests that you ask him rather than outright steal it.

This is, for sure, nothing like a Microsoft license agreement and as licensing systems go, this is one of the best ideas I've seen. I think you should support this guy, if you have any use for such software.

Personally, I think that with a little imagination practically anyone can come up with a saleable product idea using this stuff. So, I'm going to run a contest and offer a reward.

CONTEST: By the end of August, 2004, the person who submits what is in my estimation the best, most saleable program using this software will win the licensing fee paid for their first 1000 copies of the program ($40).

If your program is bigger than 150 MB, please submit it on a CDROM and send it to this address:

Carl Galletti's Contest
1188 Verde Santa Fe Pkwy
Cornville, AZ 86325

Otherwise, just email me a download link to with "EZ Presentation CONTEST" in the subject line.

Everyone ready? Ok. GO!

Here's where you go to find out about EZ Presentation and download the package