Friday, July 16, 2004

American Idol Auditions

American Idol Auditions

Whenever I want to do something the first thing I do is get everything I can on the subject.

These days that's quick and easy with the Internet... or is it?

Yes, you must first do your searches and see what's out there but when it comes to getting down to serious (read that valuable) information on whatever it is you want to do, there's nothing like an expert to tell you.

My strategy is to find someone who has either done it before me (and has made the mistakes that I would have made, saving me from the wasting a lot of MY time doing the same things) or who has some expert knowledge on the subject (i.e., they've interviewed the right people or have put in the research time, thereby also saving ME a lot of time).

I don't want to be on American Idol (God know I can't sing worth a darn). But if I did, I'd want to first read everything I could on the subject and a book like this would be one thing I'd get.

Here's a guess. Most of the people auditioning for American Idol have never read this book. Do you see the advantage you'd have if YOU read the book? (assuming you wanted to be on the show).

Now, take that strategy and apply it to whatever it is you ARE interested in excelling at.

I just spent $5,000 on a seminar. I learned a lot of stuff that I'm sure will make me hundreds of times that amount in the near future. Do you think I have an edge over any of my competition who didn't take the seminar? I think so.

You see, losers complain. Smart people buy their way in.

If you really wanted to be on American Idol, isn't it worth $35 to find out the secrets that could make the difference to you?

Sometimes, people just don't think. They'd spend a buck on a lottery ticket with a billion to one shot but wouldn't spend $35 to significantly increase their chances of success at their dream.

You be one of the smart ones.

Carl - The Best Way To Get Free Movies To Download - The Best Way To Get Free Movies To Download

Can this site be real? If it is, I don't know how they do it for only $24.95/year. They are a Clickbank site, so that eases my mind. I just don't see how they can deliver such a service.

If you've got some inside track on this or use the service, please contact me via email (