Sunday, February 01, 2004


On a recent Jay Abraham teleconference one of the things talked about was this concept of dimensionalizing.

What is it? Why should you use it? How is it done?

Well, dimensionalizing is a fancy word that's a lot like expounding, telling the details of something. The actual word is made up. It doesn't exist in the dictionary, at least not yet. But the concept is clear if you think about dimension as the measurement, extent; magnitude; size; scope of something. So, dimensionalizing would be the going into details about the extent, magnitude, etc. of something.

If you understand this concept, you can dramatically increase the results of all your marketing efforts. Web, ad and sales letter copy will produce a lot more sales. And products you create using this technique will have much greater value.

Let's take a look at how NOT to do this. Click on this Example Website and go down to the very bottom of the page where it says (highlighted in yellow):

These Books Contain Valuable Information From Two Of The Internets Most Successful Authors!

Who are these authors? I couldn't find them. Can you? Is it really important to know? Let's see.

Not knowing WHO these authors are... I have no way of knowing whether this copy is telling me the truth. Maybe the authors are two people I've never heard of before. Maybe that's why they didn't want to say. Do you see how that kind of thinking can kill the sale?

Now, let's say we dimensionalize it. We mention that the two authors are Jim Edwards and Yanik Silver, two very well known and best selling authors on the Internet and just in case you're new to the Internet and don't know their credentials, let's tell you about all the books they've authored, describe their successes, in short but clear details, and then mention how their books have been used to turn a high school dropout into a millionaire in 17 months.

Do you think the demsionalizing enhanced the ability of the copy to get the sale? If not, there's no hope for you. You might as well just go get an application at McDonalds. But, if you see beauty of this method, give it a try on your web site NOW.

Go to one of your web sites. Make sure you have some stats as to how well it's doing now. Then, look for places in the copy where you can dimensionalize what you are talking about. These don't have to be long expositions but make sure you cover the advantages and benefits from every important angle. Important to the customer, of course.

Then watch your sales soar. I'll be interested in hearing about your successes. Maybe we'll use your site down the road in some GOOD examples.