Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Add My Blog To Your My Yahoo! Page


Want to know when I've added something to my Blog? (and which ever others you may want). Here's how:

If you don't already have a My Yahoo! page (it's Free), you can get one at Yahoo!. Just click on the My Yahoo! logo in the upper right corner of Yahoo's home page and follow the directions for creating your Front Page (called "My Front Page").

When it gets to the "add content" part, find the "Add RSS by URL" option and enter the following URL:


and click the Add button.

If you already have a My Yahoo! page, you can just click on the "+ Add Content" text at the upper left of the page, just below the Search box. Then, in the Find Content box at the top, click on the "Add RSS by URL" highlighted, blue, underlined text at the far right of the box, just right of the "Find" button. And enter the URL as per above.

You can do a lot of things with your My Yahoo! page. On mine I have Bookmarks and saved searches, local weather, the stocks I want to monitor, new movie releases, local movie showtimes, the lead news photo, and, of course, my blog. There are lots of possibilities. I set mine to be my home page on my browser, which can be done in Internet Explorer by going to Tools -> Internet Options -> General tab and entering http://my.yahoo.com/ in the Address box of the "Home page" box at the top, then click OK.

Simple. Neat. Very useful.
Carl Galletti