Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Top Internet Marketer Carl Galletti has a birthday this Thanksgiving

AdSecrets Marketing Letter Ezine Online Newsletter by Carl Galletti

This year, my birthday, November 25 occurs on Thanksgiving. That's a rare occurrance. I was actually born on a Monday, which narrows down the year. If you can guess the year...OK, contest time... the first person to guess the year gets a prize.

Now, what shall that prize be? Let's see.

First, to enter the contest, you have to place a link on a page of your web site and promise to keep it there for at least three months. Here's the link:

Top Internet Marketer Carl Galletti
(To clarify for anyone unfamiliar with how to do this: a human looking at the page must see the same words you see above, namely: "Top Internet Marketer Carl Galletti" - without the quotes. And the underlying LINK must be to: http://www.CarlGalletti.com/ )

For those of you using Dreamweaver, Front Page or any other WYSIWYG editor, just enter "Top Internet Marketer Carl Galletti" - without the quotes - in the page, highlight it, and put the link, http://www.CarlGalletti.com, into the link box.

Ok. Now you can enter. By the way, EVERYONE who enters gets a prize, a copy of The Ginger Cure. It's a classic marketing story that teaches the basic instincts of marketing in a very stimulating and interesting way. Although somewhat dated -- it IS a classic afterall -- you WILL get a lot out of it. If you already have it, I'll find you an acceptable substitute.

OK. Then you need to put your thinking cap on and figure out what the year is. You only get one guess. Here's a hint. The year I graduated from High School "Dancin' In The Street" by Martha & the Vandellas was a top hit. I remember this vividly because, as a group of us were driving home from a basketball game, the song came on the radio and Mary Ann M. and a couple other gals hopped out of the car and began "dancin' in the street" (we were stopped for a red light at the time).

OK. Here's how I judge the winner. First, the link must be correct, as per above. Then, you must get the year correct in one guess (no additional hints). If more than one person gets it right up to here, the first tie-breaker is the page rank on the page you placed the link. The page with the highest page rank as determined by Google's toolbar, wins. This page, of course, must be the page with the link on it.

In case of a tie here, the site with the best Alexa rating wins (that means the "lowest" number according to the Alexa toolbar on the day I check it).

To summarize, send an email to me at Carl@AdSecrets.com with the link to YOUR PAGE that has MY LINK on it (so I can verify the entry) and your guess to the year I was born.

By return email I will send you the download link to your entry gift and let you know if you were correct or not.

I will collect all entries until 12 noon, Mountain Standard time, November 30, 2004 (Next Tuesday - so you've got one week). At that time I'll evaluate the winning entries for page rank and, if neccessary, Alexa rating, and notify everyone of the winner.

What do you win?

A $500.00 gift certificate, good toward any of the following products:

Anything currently listed at this site:
Carl's Commandos

Plus, you get FREE Shipping/handling.

What about runners-up? Ok, you drive a hard bargain.

ANYONE who submits the correct answer and who's link is on a site with a page rank of 5 or more gets a $250.00 certificate. Or, $100.00 for a page rank of 2-4. Or, $50.00 for any lower page rank.

ANYONE who submits ANY entry with a link on a page ranked 6 or above will automatically get the top prize, the $500.00 gift certificate, regardless of whether their answer was correct or not. (Hey, it's my contest). Or, $200.00 for a page rank of 4-5. Or, $50.00 for a page rank of 3.

OK. Good luck.

Top Internet Marketer Carl Galletti