Monday, November 24, 2003

How I Made $49,500.00 by Solving the #1 Advertising Problem

Every advertiser has the same problem, namely: getting their ads read.

Back in the mid-90s I invented a solution to this problem but oddly enough I've only used it twice. The first time it earned $14,500.00 in about an hour. The second time it earned $35,000.00 in about 15 minutes...OK, well, it took a couple days for the orders from that 15 minutes to trickle in.

Most of what I do is either a sales letter (direct mail) or a web site (which is a sales letter on the web). This technique was designed for a seminar presentation but with a little creativity can easily be modified for either print or web.

In the mid-90s I was asked by Robert Allen to give a talk on copywriting to his Wealth Retreat members. These people paid $2-3,000.00 for a weekend seminar given, mostly, by Robert, my friend Ken Kerr and myself. We all talked about advertising and marketing but I was scheduled to give a one hour talk on copywriting. I was also allowed to make an offer from the platform at the end of my talk. At the time I was selling a $2,000.00 product that had a 29 page sales letter.

The problem was this:
to get a decent response they'd have to read the sales letter first. I couldn't hand out the letter, wait while they read it, then make them an offer. So, the day before I handed out 2 sales letters at the end of the day, one was for my $2,000.00 product and the other was for a related reprint license that sold for $500.00 per year. Then I told them to read it that night because the next day I would teach them how to write copy using the letters as examples.

It wouldn't be good enough to just hand out the letters to be read. Some wouldn't read them. But, because they were being used in the training, they had to read them.

The next day we learned copywriting by using the letters. I pointed out the various techniques which I used in the letters and they could see how they were used in an actual letter. This worked very well because they had something concrete to see.

At the end of the training, I announced that as a special to anyone interested in the packages, I'd give them the $2,000.00 package with 2 years of the licensed product (valued at $500.00/year) for only $2,000 total. Or, the could buy just the 2 year license for only $500 (rather than $1000).

There were about 30 buying units in the room (a buying unit means a potential buyer -- a couple counts as one buying unit, since they wouldn't be buying 2 of something, so they only get counted once, staff and speakers don't get counted). I sold six $2,000 packages and three $500 licenses. All because I got them to read the sales letter.

A Variation:
I did a similar thing at a bigger seminar but used a survey form. The survey asked them to give their opinions about the two letters. It was short. What did they like most about the offer? What did they like least? And, did they think it was worth the price? It also asked for any comments. It did this for each of the two letters and it all fit on one page.

They were given the survey form and the two letters and asked to read the letters outside the seminar and fill in the survey form before the end of the seminar. When they handed in the survey they would get a cassette tape set valued at $500 (consisted of two cassette tapes, one hour each of a $250/hour consultation -- our cost about $3). Oh, and by the way, if they were interested, they could have a special deal. Pretty much the same one I offered the other crowd. At the end of the weekend, we counted up $35,000.00 in orders. The funny thing was I didn't even do the presentation. My partner did. It lasted 15 minutes, not counting collecting the forms, giving out the tapes and collecting the orders.

Can you use this in what you're doing?
I think you can. All you need do is come up with a motivation for your prospects to read your sales letter or web site. You don't have to be teaching them how to write copy. They could just be evaluating the letters based on some criteria which you give them. Just like the second example. It worked for me. Should work for you.

It brought in $49,500.00 for me. The challenge I am going to make to you is to try this and see for yourself how well it works. When you do, I want to hear about it. Give me a call (or email, but if you don't hear from me, pick up the phone and call, 928-649-2407 -- you know, email is like the pony express, only faster. Sometimes it gets through and sometimes the Indians get it...or something like that).

Now, the question you should be asking yourself is "why hasn't he done this more than twice?" Gee, you know, I wish I could give you a good answer. Hummmmmm. Let's see. Where are those letters?

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti