Wednesday, October 29, 2003

STOP the Presses!!! Books / Search Inside the Book

STOP everything. Amazon just today has released the most amazing research tool since the Internet.

NOW, YOU can SEARCH 120,000 books!

Not impressed? You say you've been able to do that already?

NOPE. Not EVERY PAGE of those 120,000 books. YUP. Now you can search EVERY SINGLE PAGE. And that's 33 Million pages. I think I'm going to be up late tonight ;)

AND, the real SURPRISE is that not only can you search all these books but you can also READ every single page!!!

So, you now have 120,000 volumes in your virtual library.

And what do you suppose Amazon is charging for this very valuable research tool?

You might think you'll have to shell out by the minute, right? No, again. The service is F-R-E-E. Yes, you read that right. FREE. Imagine that. I hope they don't change their minds before I get a chance to read all 120,000 volumes.

Let's see. If I give myself 33 years to complete the task, I'd have to read 1,000,000 pages per year. Geez, that's only 2740 pages a day, 141 pages an hour, 2.35 pages per minute going 24 hours a day for the next 33 years...without sleep.

I don't know I think I'm in trouble on this. Let's not even consider new books being added to the mix.

Anyway, now you don't have an excuse for not being able to research any subject there is. You can't say the library is too far away or that you can't afford to buy the books you need at the bookstore.

Of course, Amazon is banking on the fact that you'll probably order more books as a result of the service and I'm sure that I will. I'm pretty sure that many others will also.

Most of the books are from the top publishers but Amazon is saying that they're going to be adding others and I'm sure that if you've got a book you want to add to this search, they'll be able to do it. If not now, then perhaps shortly.

So, why would you want to have your book exposed to the world for all to read, free of charge? Well, the idea is that it will sell more books. If you don't like the strategy, here's another idea. Why not write a book specially created to be read on Amazon. It would deliver good content but would recommend all your other products which are not available on Amazon. Kind of like a sales letter with good strong, honest content and that is also a book that promotes other stuff. It would also be a great way to promote audio, video, consultative and seminar products. Remember, you heard it here first.

OK, click on the link at the top of this section and read the details of how to do the searches.

Let's see. I just put in Claude Hopkins. There are 8186 books that mention him. Claude Hopkins is also the name of a famous Jazz musician, so I'm gonna have to separate that out and see if there are any good books about Claude that are NOT in my personal library.

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti