Tuesday, October 21, 2003

FREE Tools

Here are some links discussed on this evening's teleconference:

Google Toolbar

Alexa Toolbar

Overture Term Suggestion Tool
You need to click on the "Term Suggestion Tool" link once you get to the above link.

Good Keywords Free Tool

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti

Bob Silber's Internet Wealth & Success Seminar FREE Teleconference Tonight

Bob Silber's Internet Wealth & Success Seminar

FREE Teleconference tonight (Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2003)

At 9PM tonight ET (8PM CT, 7PM MT, 6PM PT) call this number: 1-512-225-3151 and enter this code: 33308# to hear Jason Potash and myself (Carl Galletti) on a FREE teleconference.

AND, if you want to win a $200.00 audiotape set ("4 Things You Must Add To Your Web Site NOW, To Avoid Civil & Criminal Penalties" by Bob Silber) then you'll need to register beforehand by sending your name to: bobsilber@yahoo.com

This will NOT be just another pitch call. Jason and I have planned to present really strong content regarding HOW YOU CAN PROFIT on the Internet. We'll be using the expertise from our own individual areas of experience and how they inter-relate.

Most of you know I'm a copywriter and Internet marketing expert. Jason is the creator of ezine announcer and has recently come up with some really unique and interesting stuff which we'll discuss on the call. He and I have both done a bunch of joint venture marketing and we'll throw some valuable pointers about that in, too. Also, some stuff about marketing through affiliates and some search engine optimization secrets thrown in for extra measure.

We'll show you some unique and effective ways to get people to your site, sell them once they arrive and keep them coming back and happy. All in about an hour. So, we'll be moving right along. Don't miss it.

You should have heard us talking about this today. We had so much info firing back and forth just planning the call that we could have recorded it and charged for the recording and it would have been worth quite a bit. We'll try to create an even better one tonight. Be there. This will be a valuable call. It's FREE only because Bob Silber is sponsoring it.

ALSO, let me just say that you should take a look at the speaker lineup for Bob's conference in December at Hawk's Kay in the Florida Keys. I spoke at this seminar last year at the same place and, believe me, this is the place YOU WANT TO BE in December. It's about as close as you can get to a Caribbean island without leaving the United States. It's a real paradise island atmosphere with dolphins and steel drum bands and a staff that is always trying to please. They make you feel like royalty.

Speakers include Ted Nicholas, myself and 25 others. Take a look: Bob Silber's Internet Wealth & Success Seminar

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My Internet Marketing SuperConference V DVDs (2003)
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IMSC V Teleconference Previews - Las Vegas 2003
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BIG Seminar teleconference Previews - San Francisco 2003
12 hours of teleconferences by top Internet marketers. Many different from the above set and even the ones that were the same talked about different stuff. Value: $97.00

Copy Makeover
Bring your copy to the seminar and I'll give you a critique - show you how to improve the results. I charge $497 for this service but it's yours FREE when you sign up using my affiliate link. One of these types of consultations resulted in my client getting an extra $500,000.00+ from a mailing using the suggestions I gave in the critique. Another netted a different client an extra $46,000.00+ in a single month. No guarantees but let's see what I can do for you.

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Bob Silber's Internet Wealth & Success Seminar

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti